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Cleveland police kill boy with fake gun

A 12-year-old boy brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun is dead after being shot yesterday by a Cleveland police officer.

An attorney for the family says the boy died early Sunday morning at a hospital.

The shooting happened Saturday at about 3:30 p.m. at Cudell Rec Center after officers responded to reports of a male with a gun.  A man who called 911 told dispatchers that the boy was pointing a pistol that was "probably fake" and scaring everyone.

Police say the officer fired two shots after the boy pulled the fake weapon from his waistband. 

Investigators say the boy did not point the fake pistol at officers but reached for it after being told to raise his hands.

WOIO-TV reported that the gun was a replica of semi-automatic pistol, and the orange safety indicator in the muzzle was missing.

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