Voces de la Frontera Action gets out the vote for Mary Burke

The Wisconsin Gazette

Mary Burke, the Democratic candidate for governor in Wisconsin, has won an endorsement from Voces de la Frontera Action, the 501(c) 4 advocacy arm of Voces de la Frontera.

The organization, in its statement, said it strongly supports Mary Burke for governor because she is the candidate committed to working for all of Wisconsin’s working families.

The organization’s endorsement read, “Mary Burke supports immigrant civil rights, a minimum wage increase, increased funding for our public schools, colleges and universities and effective job creation policies. We urge all voters and particularly all Latino voters to vote for Mary Burke because of her position on these important issues. Her opponent has slashed education funding at all levels, failed to create the jobs he promised, undermined the living standards of Wisconsin’s working families while dividing the state and diverting critical resources to his political supporters.”

The group, which released its endorsement as President Barack Obama was expected to arrive to Milwaukee to support Burke, has been canvassing in support of Burke in 15 wards in the southside of Milwaukee. Its volunteers have knocked on more than 20,000 doors.

Voces encouraged voters to get out and vote for Burke in the general election and to also volunteer in the final week of the campaign.

In its announcement on Oct. 28, Voces de la Frontera Action also repeated its call to the president “to use his executive authority to protect immigrant families from deportation. Law abiding workers, who have lived in this country for decades, have U.S. citizen children, and have no criminal record, are being detained and deported. We urge President Obama to expand his successful Deferred Action program to protect these families. President Obama promised he would take executive action to protect immigrant families before the end of the summer if Republicans continued to block immigration reform. President Obama should expand his successful deferred action program, which brought hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth out of the shadows. Their parents have earned the right to work and participate in society without fear of deportation.”