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Former Reagan aide suggests Southern states secede, form Reagan nation

A conservative columnist who worked in Ronald Reagan's administration is suggesting that states in the South secede from the union and form a new country.

The name of the breakaway nation? Reagan.

Douglas MacKinnon is the author of "The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country … Now."

Right Wing Watch, a project of the progressive People for the American Way, reported that MacKinnon was promoting his book with Janet Mefferd on Oct. 21 and called for South Carolina, Georgia and Florida to establish a new country based on the Christian right's political agenda.

MacKinnon, according to RWW, said he didn't include Texas in the new nation because "there have been a number of incursions into Texas and other places from some of the folks in Mexico."

MacKinnon cited the advancement of civil rights for gay people as a reason for the South to secede.

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