Florida AG wants state supreme court to rule on marriage ban

WIsconsin Gazette

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who is running for re-election on Nov. 4 and courting the Christian right vote, says she wants the state Supreme Court to decide whether a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage is legal.

The Republican office-holder filed a request with the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Miami, asking the court to immediately send two consolidated cases to the Florida Supreme Court. Judges in both those cases declared the state ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Bondi has defended the ban but previously said she wanted to halt legal reviews in Florida until the U.S. Supreme Court acted on pending marriage equality cases. Last week, the high court turned away appeals from five states, clearing the way for another wave of marriages.

Bondi reacted, saying she wants the state’s highest court to decide the issue because of “changed circumstances.”

Nadine Smith of Equality Florida, the statewide LGBT civil rights group, said, “While we look forward to having this matter move forward to the Florida Supreme Court and asked for this on July 30, AG Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott continue to waste taxpayer money while same-sex couples throughout the state continue to endure the indignities of being treated like second-class citizens.

“Nearly two-thirds of the country now live in a state that values equality. How much longer must loving couples in Florida wait to protect their families? Now is the time for AG Bondi and Gov. Scott to step on the right side of history and not let Florida go down in history as one of the last states to uphold the principles of fairness.”