Voter ID law in Wisconsin is blocked, reaction …

The Supreme Court on Oct. 9 blocked Wisconsin from implementing its voter ID law.

Reaction to the emergency order:

Democratic U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee: “I welcome this Supreme Court ruling and the strong message it sends to all who think they can manipulate our voting laws just because they disagree with what we have to say. Those who trample on our civil liberties with impunity in pursuit of political supremacy forget that this nation was built on the principle that we all are ‘created equal.’

“These unjust laws have nothing to do with stopping the manufactured threat of voter fraud and everything to do with making it harder for more eligible voters to register and vote. Equal participation in our democracy is vital to our civilized way of life. Politicians and elected officials who are passing these discriminatory laws are focused on defeating their opponents, not voter fraud.

“This decision by the Supreme Court is one that should be celebrated by everyone, regardless of political affiliation. This is truly a victory for the good people of Wisconsin and our shared democratic ideals.”

Larry Dupuis, legal director of the ACLU of Wisconsin: "The ACLU of Wisconsin is profoundly relieved that the Supreme Court has halted the state's ill-advised rush to implement the voter ID requirement. Thanks to this ruling, our clients and the many other voters without ID will be able to vote on November 4 without unnecessary obstacles."

Dale Ho, director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project, "Today's order puts the brakes on the last-minute disruption and voter chaos created by this law going into effect so close to the election. It will help safeguard the vote for thousands of Wisconsinites as this case makes its way through the courts."

Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan of Madison: “I am relieved the Supreme Court has recognized the damage Wisconsin’s Voter ID law could have on our democracy. Poorly implementing a bad law would have been the worst possible outcome for Wisconsin voters.  Implementing Voter ID in such a short amount of time would have disenfranchised voters across the state and could have brought 2014 election results into question.”

Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: “The U.S. Supreme Court is correct in ruling that the ill-advised, voter suppressing photo ID law not be implemented weeks before Election Day. Any other decision would have immediately disenfranchised voters in direct conflict with our constitution.  While Scott Walker wanted to confuse voters and rig the electorate in his favor, the Supreme Court has sided with the people.”

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO: “This is a victory for democracy and a defeat for Scott Walker’s shady brand of politics. Gov. Walker’s policies show a pattern of disrespect for citizen rights.  Whether it is worker rights, voting rights or women’s rights – Scott Walker is on the wrong side of history.  Today’s ruling reaffirms that Walker’s out-of-touch, anti-democracy, anti-worker agenda is wrong for Wisconsin.” 

Editor: This storyis developing. Please check back for additional reaction.

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