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Election watch: Meet the Koch sisters, 'so not related to those guys'

Heard of the Koch brothers, the billionaires buying up influence across the country to push a conservative agenda and further their business interests?

Yes, probably.

But what about the Koch sisters?

The AFL-CIO has introduced a new commercial, "The Koch Sisters," featuring Karen Koch and Joyce Koch, who share the same last name but not the same values as the Koch brothers.

The Koch sisters — kin in spirit but not biology — are talking about fair wages and protecting Social Security in the campaign from labor.

The campaign features Karen Koch, a college professor, mother of two and member of the Michigan Education Association. She grew up in a union family.

Joyce Koch is a retired teacher, member of the American Federation of Teachers, mother, grandmother, wife and former social worker. “We don’t have billions of dollars to spend on political campaigns, but we do have our convictions and our voices. We think that’s important," she says.

AFL-CIO secretary treasurer Liz Shuler says the "Koch sisters "stand for the right things that matter most at the right time."

Union president Richard Trumka said, "The Koch brothers have epitomized how corporations and the super-rich have tried to systematically destroy our democracy. Today, they're finally meeting their match."

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