For the record: Who said what?

Compiled by Louis Weisberg

“Last week, this week, maybe next week, (Mo’ne Davis) owned the sports conversation. How often do you get to say this about a 13-year-old girl? It’s the easiest type of story to identify as a cover story.”

— CHRIS STONE, managing editor of Sports Illustrated, explaining his decision to make Davis the first Little League player to appear on the cover of SI this week. The eighth-grade pitcher for Philadelphia’s Tancy Dragons became the first girl to throw a shutout in World Series history in her first game.

“The district court broadened the definition of the ‘existing right to marry’ as one that includes the right of people to ‘select the partners of their choosing’ for marriage, without regard to sex. If the right to select ‘partners of their choosing’ is the criterion used to invoke marriage as a fundamental right, then marriage restrictions on age, polygamy, and consanguinity are also ripe for challenge.”

— The TEXAS CONSERVATIVE COALITION, a 63-member caucus of the state Legislature, writing in an amicus brief filed with the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a marriage equality case. The Texas legislators contend that the legalization of same-sex marriage could provide legal justification for incest and sex with children.

“Jesus teaches us to put the needs of the poor ahead of our own. Our needs, even if legitimate, will never be so urgent as those of the poor, who lack the necessities of life.”

—POPE FRANCIS speaking out yet again against materialism in an Angelus message that was quoted by the National Catholic Register.

“The militarization itself is part of a larger trend. … That is a willingness or a policy among domestic police in the United States of using more force more often for increasingly petty offenses. It is a mentality that sees the people they are supposed to be serving not as citizens with rights but as potential threats.”

— RADLEY BALKO, Washington Post reporter and author of Rise of the Warrior Cop, talking to NBC’s Chris Hayes about the use of military weaponry against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

“To put it in perspective, the sales we’re seeing now are like what we see around Christmastime.”

— STEVE KING, owner of Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton, Missouri, which is 9 miles from Ferguson, telling the Huffington Post that gun sales are eight to 10 times higher than at the store’s other locations. The boost in sales followed the police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown and the subsequent protests in Ferguson.

“Dad was, is and always will be one of the kindest, most generous, gentlest souls I’ve ever known, and while there are few things I know for certain right now, one of them is that not just my world, but the entire world is forever a little darker, less colorful and less full of laughter in his absence. We’ll just have to work twice as hard to fill it back up again.”

— ZELDA WILLIAMS, daughter of Robin Williams, in a public statement following the actor’s death at the age of 63. 

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