Clinton leads Walker, Ryan in Wisconsin poll on 2016

Wisconsin Gazette

A poll from Public Policy Polling shows that Wisconsin voters would rather see Paul Ryan run for president than Scott Walker. But Hillary Rodham Clinton would beat Ryan or Walker in a hypothetical 2016 presidential contest in the state if the election were held today.

The poll also found that a plurality of voters in Wisconsin — 47 percent — support marriage equality. This is a 13-point increase from the last PPP question on the issue in 2011.

The polling results were released the day after PPP numbers showed Republican Scott Walker with a small lead over Democrat Mary Burke for governor. Burke faces a primary in August but seems the likely Democrat to take on Walker in the general election in November.

As for 2016, Ryan leads the GOP presidential field in Wisconsin with support at 25 percent, followed by Walker at 21 percent, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul at 8 percent, Ted Cruz at 7 percent, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio at 6 percent and Bobby Jindal at 3 percent.

About 55 percent of those surveyed said Ryan should run in 2016.  About 43 percent said Walker should run.

But in a hypothetical general election contest with Clinton, Ryan and Walker would lose in Wisconsin. Clinton would be at 50 percent and Ryan at 45. In a race with Walker, Clinton would have 51 percent to Walker’s 44 percent.

Voters in the state clearly favor Clinton as the Democratic candidate. She’s at 57 percent, Russ Feingold is at 19 percent, Joe Biden is at 8 percent and Elizabeth Warren is at 5 percent.