Texas voters divided on marriage equality

Wisconsin Gazette

A new poll shows Texas voters are about evenly divided on the issue of marriage equality.

The poll from Texas Tech found that 48 percent think gay marriage should be legalized in the state while 47 percent think not.

Democrats and Independents are more likely to support marriage equality in the state than Republicans.

While equality support hasn’t reached 50 percent in Texas, it has climbed at least 8 points in a year.

The poll also showed that if the general election for governor was held now, Republican Greg Abbott would defeat Democrat Wendy Davis.

On another question, the poll found 56 percent of Texans support a path to citizenship for immigrants lacking legal documents.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz had an approval rating of 51 percent and Gov. Rick Perry’s approval rating was at 62 percent. U.S. Sen. John Cornyn was at 46 percent.

But Texans’ opinion of President Barack Obama has fallen to an approval rating of 23 percent.