Long Island DJs suspended over hoax about homophobic parent

The AP

Two Long Island, New York, radio personalities were suspended after their on-air hoax about a homophobic parent.

David Widmer, general manager of Connoisseur Media Long Island, the station’s owner, told Newsday in New York that Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson of Farmingdale’s WKJY/93.3 FM were suspended over the weekend.

Widmer said the station was dealing with concerns from various community groups and LGBT civil rights organizations about the incident, but said that Harper and Karlson were supportive of marriage equality.

Last week, the two hosts of The K98.3 Morning Show aired a fake report about a mother returning a birthday party invitation from two fathers saying she did not want to subject her son to that “lifestyle.”

Harper and Karlson posted then remarks on the station’s website saying the story was fictitious and apologizing for the stunt.