Harris won’t run for governor in Wisconsin


Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris says he will not run for Wisconsin governor in 2014.

Harris issued a statement on Aug. 30, saying:

“I have concluded that while I have insights and ideas regarding the governance of Wisconsin, that I will not enter the race for governor. Entry into the race as an underfunded candidate may not be helpful to bring the policy extremes of the current administration to an end. I plan to continue speaking out about policy errors such as voter suppression schemes, the expansion of school vouchers into even the strongest school districts of this state and the failure to accept federal funds for Medicaid expansion.

“I leave the field of potential candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for governor knowing that two very qualified potential candidates remain. Kathleen Vinehout, a PHD with experience as a college professor, dairy farmer and state Senator and Mary Burke, a Harvard MBA with considerable experience as a business executive, commerce secretary and philanthropist.”

Harris concluded, “I reserve the right to enter this race at a future date if these potential candidates do not actually enter the race.”