Gay marriage bill passes final reading in British House of Lords


A marriage equality bill on July 15 passed its third and final reading Britain’s House of Lords. The measure still needs final approval in the House of Commons.

A statement from Ben Summerskill of the British civil rights group Stonewall read, “Today we’ve all made history. 

“For the very first time, every child growing up to be lesbian, gay or bisexual in this country will have exactly the same rights, responsibilities and choices as their heterosexual friends and family. 

“Throughout the campaign we’ve heard comments and accusations ranging from the absurd to the deeply offensive. Loving, committed same-sex relationships have been compared to bigamy, incest and slavery.

“Thankfully, MPs and peers from all parties have heard the public loud and clear and supported this final piece of legislative equality for gay people. Now the House of Commons will give final approval to the Bill before it receives Royal Assent. This should allow the first same-sex marriages to take place as soon as next spring. 

“Tomorrow the work to change hearts and minds continues. But today, let’s all be proud of what we have achieved together.”