British House of Commons passes marriage equality bill


The British House of Commons passed the marriage equality bill – known as the same sex couples bill – on May 21.

The vote on the third reading of the legislation was 366 votes to 161 votes.

The day before, supporters of the bill defeated, by a vote of 375-70, an amendment they said was intended to stall the equality campaign.

Now the bill will be considered in the House of Lords.

Ben Summerskill of the Stonewall LGBT civil rights group, said, “We expect to face determined and uncompromising opposition.”

He encouraged citizens to “make sure that the noisy voices of opponents don’t drown out the case for equality.”

Summerskill also said, “We’re so close to achieving this last remaining piece of the jigsaw of legal equality. With your help we can secure a future where everyone has the right to marry the person they love.”