Mayoral candidate ‘endorsed by Jesus Christ’ loses North Miami race

A candidate who campaigned for mayor in North Miami, Fla., claiming she had was endorsed by Jesus Christ failed to make the runoff in the May 14 election.

Anna Pierre campaigned in a lively city election that saw no candidate on the ballot receive a majority vote. She sought the office of mayor, but didn’t make the runoff, which will be held between Lucie Tondreau, a community activist, and Kevin Burns, a former mayor.

Still, Pierre, who came to the United States from Haiti in 1981, is the candidate who made national headlines.

Pierre also goes by Princess Anna Pierre and is a musician and registered nurse. In 2003, she opened a people’s clinic in North Miami to help provide medical services and care to uninsured people and she’s received an honor for care for people living with HIV in south Florida.

She campaigned on a platform that called for “free health care for the uninsured, employment and job creation, crime prevention and intervention, education.”

On her Facebook page and in a campaign circular, she said she had the endorsement of Jesus. She told the Miami Herald that he visited her in a dream.

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