Sierra Club makes Earth Day plans in Wisconsin


Wisconsin’s Sierra Club-John Muir Chapter marks Earth Day with a celebration of John Muir’s 175th birthday.

The celebration takes place in Muir Park in Marquette County on April 21. Muir grew up in that area and went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Plans include a clean up in the park, followed by a hike and then music by the Sweet Earth Band at the nearby Moundville Church.

Also, the chapter is commemorating a 50th anniversary at UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery with national Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune and former state Rep. Spencer Black on April 20. The anniversary event includes proclamations, a social hour and tours and speeches, including a keynote address by Brune.

“The Sierra Club’s motto is explore, enjoy and protect the planet,” said Brune. “It’s not just about problems. This is an organization that’s equally determined to protecting the planet’s last, best places and to having a great time exploring and enjoying those places. A love of nature helps inspire us to do what we must to save it.”

Chapter director Shahla M. Werner has praise for people who commemorate Earth Day and also do what they can to protect the environment and minimize their impact on the Earth.

Said Werner, “There are so many things that people can do on a personal level for climate change: walking, riding a bike or taking transit when they can instead of driving; weatherizing their homes, using more efficient appliances and turning down their thermostats to maximize energy conservation and efficiency; installing solar panels or participating in utility green power pricing programs to support renewable energy over coal and natural gas.

“We all have a role to play, but we won’t be able to effectively address climate change unless we also get good state and federal policies to address the problem – everything from higher renewable energy requirements to a carbon tax to better nationwide transit support and high speed rail to a national energy efficiency standard.”

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