Gingrich urges GOP to accept inevitability of same-sex civil marriage


In a dramatic reversal, former Speaker of the House and failed Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich acknowledged to the Huffington Post that civil same-sex marriage is inevitable and his party will have to accept it.

Although the anti-gay Gingrich said he opposes marriage equality, he said his party should follow public opinion by understanding there’s a distinction between a marriage that’s recognized by the government and one that’s sanctioned by a religious institution.

Gingrich is a devout, fundamentalist Catholic even though he’s been divorced twice following adulterous affairs. Hs remarks about same-sex marriage came after he was heavily criticized over statements he made about last week’s elementary school massacre in Newton, Conn. Echoing other fundamentalist Christians, Gingrich blamed the shootings on the absence of prayer in public life, particularly the ban on prayer in public schools.

Openly gay U.S. Rep. Barney Frank blasted Gingrich as a hypocrite. “God appears to have been driven out of Mr. Gingrich’s private life if you look at his marital history,” Frank said on MSNBC. “He’s very selective about where he thinks fundamental religious tenets ought to be followed.”

Frank is retiring from his longtime seat representing Massachusetts in January.

Gingrich was also in the news recently for insisting that he would have been a stronger candidate against President Obama than Mitt Romney proved to be.

“I think either (Texas Gov. Rick) Perry or I would have probably done better,” Gingrich said.

Romney battered the tenacious Gingrich with millions of dollars worth of negative advertising during the prolonged GOP presidential primary race.