GOP star Marco Rubio featured in anti-gay robocalls


Rising Republican star Marco Rubio is the featured voice on a robocall urging voters to cast ballots against marriage equality – and candidates who support equality – on Election Day.

The calls are being paid for by the National Organization for Marriage, with the Catholic Church is the biggest backer of the anti-gay campaigns in Washington, Maryland, and Maine and Minnesota.

But NOM isn’t just focused on those states with its anti-gay election effort.

NOM, in a statement just days before the election, said it working with “its partners” at “launching a major push to reach and mobilize 10 million voters with a positive message for marriage.”

The latest campaign – in English and Spanish – has a budget of $500,000 and the robocallers are dialing households in Maine, Maryland, Washington State, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The calls feature Rubio, a Cuban-American U.S. senator from Florida who rose to prominence on the tea party wave and had been rumored to be a possible running mate for Mitt Romney, as well as far-right activist James Dobson and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

NOM president Brian Brown said the campaign is “the largest national mobilization of traditional marriage voters in history. Our aim is to reach 10 million voters or more. We are proud to work with state-and national-based partners in the four states that have marriage referenda on the ballot –states where we believe the polls are trending in our favor –and in three presidential swing states, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, that many pundits are surprised to find now in play.”