Gay inmate sues Kentucky jail, alleges prisoner bit off nose

AP, Wig reports

An incarcerated gay man who claims a fellow inmate bit off part of his nose is suing a Kentucky jail and his alleged attacker.

The lawsuit claims Brandon Milam has been left disfigured and lost his sense of smell from the July attack in the Warren County Regional Jail.

The suit was filed this week in Bowling Green.

A gay rights group, Kentucky Equality Federation, posted a photo showing a hole on the left side of Milam’s nose.

The group serves as the plaintiff’s legal advocate.

“The lawsuit speaks for itself: Jails have a responsibility to protect their inmates, this could have been anyone’s child, mother, father, cousin, etc. arrested in error, or something later dismissed by a judge. While in the custody of a jail the protection of inmates are without question the responsibility of the county and the commonwealth. Jailers cannot have a dismissive disregard for their protection by simply dismissing jail violence, it is after all a jail, not a prison,” said KEF president Jordan Palmer and vice president Jillian Hall in a joint statement.

The suit says Milam “heard a crunching sound” during the attack.

KEF said the jail is being sued for:

• Intentional infliction of emotional distress and outrageous conduct.

• Jailer’s breach of duty and negligence. 

• Bad faith and breach of fiduciary duty.

The jailer and county attorney did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

An attorney says Milam is now on home incarceration.