N.J. teacher who posted anti-gay Facebook rant resigns


A New Jersey teacher who caused a furor with anti-gay comments on Facebook has resigned.

Jenye “Viki” Knox is a 21-year teaching veteran who has worked in the Union Township schools since 2000.

The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that the 51-year-old woman resigned her post over the summer and that settlement talks are under way in a tenure case against her.

Knox was suspended from job and accused of conduct unbecoming of a teacher last year after she posted on her Facebook page that homosexuality was a sin that “breeds like cancer” and described it as “perverted.”

The school district also said Knox sent emails to administrators accusing gay and lesbian teachers of “targeting” students and posted on another teacher’s Facebook page opposition to the formation of a gay-straight alliance: “Well, if I knew UHS was going to Hell in a handbasket before I know it for sure now!”

Knox, according to the Star-Ledger, said any of her Facebook posts are protected under the First Amendment and that she did not send school officials any emails.

Knox previously said in court papers that she planned to seek a disability pension due to a back injury and on “psychological grounds.” She filed pension papers in June.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, New Jersey public schools observed a Week of Respect,” a program that developed from passage of the state’s anti-bullying bill of rights in 2011. The legislation, sponsored by Garden State Equality, is considered the strongest in the nation on the issue.