Criminal justice professor sued for bias, ‘look like dykes’ remark


A former student is suing Corinthian College and a criminal justice professor for repeatedly referring to women in her class as “dyke” and discriminating against a student based on her sexual orientation.

Anna Eakins has filed suit against the school, president Richard Mallow and professor Denise Grecco in a superior court complaint in California.

Eakins was enrolled in Grecco’s course on women in criminal justice last November, when the professor allegedly singled the student out with the classroom comment, “Many women in the field look like dykes, just like you, Anna.”

Courthouse News Service reports that Eakins formally complained about the remark, taking the matter to Mallow and then the human resources department.

She said neither Mallow nor HR pursued the issue and Grecco continued to disparage lesbians, calling other students “dyke” and also refusing to approve Eakins’ nomination by other professors as a “distinguished graduate.”

Eakins’ complaint says, “Plaintiff was told that Mallow ‘would never let someone like Anna represent the college.’”

Eakins is asking for damages under California law barring sex discrimination and for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Corinthian is a chain of for-profit schools. CNS reports that it has been sued more than 200 times.