Poll gives Obama the lead in Wisconsin


A new Wisconsin poll finds Barack Obama with 52 percent support in Wisconsin while Mitt Romney’s support is at 45 percent. The president’s lead is the largest Public Policy Polling has found in Wisconsin since February.

“Wisconsin’s looking like much less of a swing state than it did a month or even a week ago,” said PPP president Dean Debnam.

The PPP survey in Wisconsin also found that 53 percent consider Romney’s comments about 47 percent of Americans to be inappropriate and 39 percent of independents say they are less likely to vote for the Republican after learning of them earlier this week.

Obama, in the state, has an approval rating of 52 percent and a majority trust him to better handle the economy and foreign policy than his adversary in the election.

The survey also found 65 percent of Democrats are “very excited” about the election – that’s just slightly higher than the 63 percent of Republicans who are “very excited.”

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s favorability rating in his home state is 48 percent, just a point above the percentage of those who view him unfavorably in Wisconsin.

The poll also found that 52 percent of Wisconsin voters think Romney should release 12 years of income tax returns.