YouTube video shows a drunk Tommy Thompson addressing Packers fans


Pressed by reporters yesterday, U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson said he was upset that his campaign’s political director had attacked opponent Tammy Baldwin over her sexual orientation.

On the day that Baldwin was scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention about heartland values, Thompson’s senior campaign adviser Brian Nemoir sent out a Tweet linking to a YouTube video of Baldwin dancing on stage at an August 2010 Pride event in Madison. In an accompanying e-mail, Nemoir wrote, “clearly, there’s no one better positioned to talk ‘heartland values’ than Tammy.”

Following a lunchtime address to members of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee yesterday, Thompson condemned his campaign’s attack on Baldwin, who would become the first openly gay person ever elected to the Senate if she wins in November.

Before reporters confronted him on the incident, the Thompson campaign had refused to address Nemoir’s actions. Although he condemned those actions yesterday under pressure, Thompson also acknowledged that he had not dismissed Nemoir from his campaign. The former governor said he had shifted Nemoir to a different, undisclosed position.

With Thompson’s hypocrisy on this insulting incident in mind, we offer readers this YouTube link to a video of a clearly inebriated Tommy Thompson addressing Packers fans at Lambeau Field in 1998.