Conservative women call ‘war on women’ a myth


With the “Values Bus” parked nearby, a group of conservative women today will gather in New Hampshire’s capital to challenge the “war on women myth.”

The event, set to take place at 10 a.m. EST in Concord, N.H., is organized by the anti-gay Family Research Council and The Heritage Foundation. It is headlined as “Conservative Women Leaders Speak Out” and is part of the Values Bus Tour coordinated by FRC and Heritage that recently rolled in and out of Wisconsin.

Speakers on the agenda include Connie Mackey of FRC Action, Karen Testerman of First Principles of New Hampshire and Jessica Anderson of Heritage Action.

The press release said the participants “will debunk the idea that conservatives are attacking women’s rights, and discuss how the Obama administration is threatening religious liberty.”

“As we approach the most important election of our time, it is essential that conservatives of every stripe step up to speak against the divisions President Obama depends upon for victory in the fall elections,” said Connie Mackey. “The conservative women speaking in Concord are only a few of the thousands of women leaders who stand firmly for the values that made this country great and who look forward to getting this country back on the right road. Each of these respected leaders will address the myth of the ‘war on women’ and bring truth to what has made this a great country such as religious liberty, smaller government, respect for life, marriage and a return to the rule of law.”

With the tour, the right-wing groups are hoping to rally voters for the Nov. 6 election. Heritage, according to the news release, is educating voters, and FRC is registering them.

The scheduled speakers at the “speak out” include Mackey, Testerman, Anderson, Shannon McGinley of Cornerstone of New Hampshire, Susan Olsen of Smart Girl Politics, New Hampshire candidate Jane Cromier and Verity Swayne of Families Across New Hampshire.

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