End Title IX discrimination

H. Murray, Milwaukee

The June 28 issue of WiG featured a lengthy article by Lisa Neff praising Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972. But due to enforcement of this law, by 1999 colleges had eliminated 171 men’s wrestling teams, 84 men’s tennis teams, 56 men’s gymnastic teams and men’s track squads. How could a law meant to prevent sex discrimination in sports be used to exclude men from participation in college sports?

Supporters of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 assured Americans that the proposed law would not be a quota bill. The liberals sponsoring the legislation asserted that hiring and firing to establish or maintain a racial balance was illegal. Yet, by the time of the liberal Nixon Administration, quotas had become mandatory. Because the law forbade quotas, euphemisms were created, such as “goals and time-tables” and more recently, “diversity.” To enforce the Civil Rights

Act, the EEOC required quota-like practices to achieve racial balance. Democrats and liberal Republicans forget that affirmative action on behalf of one group is negative action against others. In practice it amounts to discrimination against whites, males and sometimes Asians.

Like the Civil Rights Act, Title IX provides a safeguard against quotas, rejecting “preferential or disparate treatment because of imbalance” or “statistical evidence of imbalance.” But under Jimmy Carter, the quota crowd in the Civil Rights section of the Dept. of Education demanded that colleges seek a proportional number of women in sports.

Neff writes, “A 2005-06 study found women make up 55 percent of the student population at NCAA schools but less than 45 percent of the athlete population.”

Implicit is the belief that here is something wrong with that statistic.

Should men be discouraged from sports until women are represented at a rate of 55 percent? What about women who are pregnant or not interested in sports? What about women who embrace traditional feminine roles? Democrats will keep pushing women into teams, even when they have little interest, thereby denying access by young men to college sports.

We should end affirmative action and offshoots like Title IX. The fastest way to destroy these injustices is to vote against liberal Republicans like Nixon, who made affirmative action a national policy, and against the Democrats who seek to expand these injustices.