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Florida mom sues school, alleges bullying, sexual assault of son

A Florida mom is suing a Miami charter school and its operator alleging that it failed to protect her son from bullying and repeated sexual assault.

The suit, listing Mother Doe and John Doe as the plaintiffs, was filed in Miami-Dade on July 2.

The defendants include Charter Schools USA, the Downtown Miami Charter School, Carmen Alvarez Bus Service and Carmen Alvarez.

The Does are seeking at least $5 million in damages.

They allege that the charter school principal ignored complaints about the 7-year-old boy being bullied by other students and that the harassment escalated last fall to sexual assault.

The Does allege that in November 2011, while riding a school bus, an 11-year-old boy held John Doe’s head and forced him to perform oral sex on another boy.

The boys threatened further violence if John Doe told anyone about the incident, but that night, according to the complaint, he told his mother.

Mother Doe reported the assault to the charter school’s principal, who contacted the police and the state child and family services department.

The complaint says the principal promised to protect John Doe and to monitor the other boys, but the bullying continued.

Mother Doe continued to complain and a therapist went to the school to talk with the principal.

Still, according to the complaint, the bullying continued.

The suit alleges that John Doe was sexually assaulted at least two more times in the school bathroom, which, according to the complaint, is not monitored by staff.

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