Four shot outside Gay 90s bar in Minneapolis


Four people are recovering from gunshot wounds following a shooting outside a popular gay entertainment complex in downtown Minneapolis.

Police told KARE-TV that two men armed with guns opened fire after arguing at a nearby apartment building around 2 a.m., injuring three people standing outside the Gay 90s. Three people were shot during the incident, which occurred at bar closing while the streets were filled with people leaving the bar.

Observers said the incident is the latest in a series of violent clashes in the area.  A woman required 100 stitches to her face after being struck with a wine glass at the Gay 90s bar in April.

“Officers were in the area at the time, they actually saw and heard the shootings, they chased two suspects,” Minneapolis Police Chief of Patrol Kris Arneson told reporters. “Two suspects were apprehended at different locations.”

Arneson said one of the suspects was shot by a police officer after threatening him with a gun. The other was taken into custody without incident.

The injuries of the four people who were shot are said to be non-life threatening.

The officer who shot one of the suspects was placed on standard three-day administrative leave. Police said there is no indication the shooting was random.