Sharpton, Jackson campaign for June 5 votes


The Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are joining religious leaders from across Milwaukee this morning to urge voters to get to the polls on June 5.

A news release said, “Representing hundreds of churches across Milwaukee, these local leaders have been encouraging their often underrepresented constituents to take action by voting in this special election.”

Participants, in addition to Jackson and Sharpton, will include Bishops C.H. McClelland of Holy Cathedral COGIC/Wisconsin Northwest jurisdiction Darrell Hines of Christian Faith Fellowship; pastors Kenneth Wheeler of Cross Lutheran Church, Kenneth Bonner of Free Spirit Missionary Baptist Church, Louis Sibley of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church; and the Revs. Willie Brisco of MICAH, Dick Aiken of St. Sebastian Catholic Church.

A press conference was scheduled for 10 a.m. today (Monday) on the steps of the Ziedler Municipal Building, 841 N Broadway, Milwaukee.

Jackson and Sharpton, popular Democrats at the national level, also rallied to get out the vote in Racine on June 3 in an event that involved the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Racine NAACP.

Jackson, speaking in Racine, urged voters to “march your souls to the polls” on June 5, when Wisconsin decides whether to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a race against Democrat Tom Barrett.

“Every poll shows this election is a dead heat, and African Americans could sway the election if turnout is high,” said Jameel Ghuari, director of the Bray Center in Racine, which hosted the Sunday rally. “Given all early voting indicators, this unprecedented recall election could have record numbers going to the polls – including African Americans who are getting out the vote like never before.”

Ghuari added,  “We are calling on everyone to assist us with reaching voters. Let’s push, pull and call voters to the polls until we have reached every person in Racine and throughout Wisconsin. Every vote counts. We all have to vote – it’s a power thing.”

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