Target celebrating Pride with T-shirts


Target Corporation is celebrating LGBT Pride Month with the launch of a line of Pride-themed T-shirts.

The T-shirts, being sold on the company’s Website, debuted this week, just as Christian right groups were organizing a boycott of Gap for a billboard ad featuring two men in a Gap T-shirt.

Sales of Target’s Pride T-shirts benefit the Family Equality Council, which is based in Boston and “connects, supports, and represents the one million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents in this country and the two million children they are raising.”

Some shirts display the slogan “Love is Love,” some repeat “Harmony” in a rainbow of colors, one has a rainbow wave and another a rainbow Rayban-like sunglasses.

Target, according to its Website, will contribute up to $120,000 in sales of Pride merchandise to FEC.

The company also supports Pride events in Minnesota and rates highly with the Human Rights Campaign for its LGBT employment policies.

But two years ago, Target was the focus of a boycott by LGBT activists opposed to $150,000 in donations to the anti-gay Minnesota Forward.

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