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Gay Walker volunteer allegedly tried to sell secrets to Democrats

A Waukesha Republican volunteer is under investigation for offering to sell to Democrats party secrets related to the June 5 recall election.

According to investigators’ reports, Erik Turner, 19, was cruising the Internet looking for gay hook-ups the same day he contacted Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski with the illegal offer.

Using the e-mail address , Turner wrote to Zielinski: “I have the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Dropbox password and account. I am willing to sell it to you for a certain price. Name that price and we can work something out. This is not a joke, and I actually have their entire Dropbox username and password, please respond D.T.”

Zielinski alerted authorities, who searched all digital equipment used by Turner, including computers at the Waukesha Republican Party Victory office. Investigators learned through the search warrant that Turner accessed the from various locations, including the WisGOP offices.

Turner told TMJ 4 that he was innocent of wrongdoing and “was just screwing around with the people." But Zielinski told PolitiScoop he believes the offer was a serious dirty Republican trick and that Turner was acting as a stooge for higher party officials.

“It's a funny shop they run there with the Waukesha Republican Party,” Zielinski said. “I fail to believe that some 19-year-old would act alone to try to entrap Democratic officials, using specific knowledge of highly sensitive information. But the ethic of dirty tricks starts at the top and seems to have found its way down to low-level Republican activists. I am sympathetic to a kid who is being used as a patsy, however.”

This isn’t the first time Walker has faced a scandal involving gay aides.

The highest profile scandal involved Tim Russell, a top former associate and close companion of the governor who served as Milwaukee County housing administrator under Walker. Russell was charged with three counts of theft for embezzling money from a fund intended for veterans.

A 40-page complaint filed by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office charged that some of the stolen money was spent on vacations in Hawaii and a Caribbean cruise with Russell’s longtime domestic partner Brian Pierick.

Pierick was taken into custody around the same time as Russell on unrelated charges of child enticement, based on evidence seized in an ongoing John Doe probe of Walker’s Milwaukee County staffers. Pierick was not part of Walker’s administration but campaigned on his behalf with Russell.

Pierick was an administrative assistant with the Department of Public Instruction, which provides education for homeless youth.

Prosecutors said the charges against Pierick resulted after they inadvertently discovered pornographic images of underage males on Russell’s computer. Also found were graphic text-message chats with a then 17-year-old Waukesha boy that included references to sexual “role play” between “daddies” and “sons,” according to the complaint against Pierick.

A lengthy chat in which Pierick attempts to arrange a three-way sexual tryst involving him, Russell and the teen, who repeatedly claimed to be over 18, is transcribed in the complaint.

Among the usernames that Pierick and/or Russell used on pornographic fetish sites were “Walker04” and “TRusell.”

Although Walker appears to have many closeted gay supporters and close gay friends, he has actively opposed LGBT civil rights, including domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples and even the hospital visitation rights.

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