Review sought of NOM’s gift from Romney PAC


Gay presidential candidate Fred Karger has filed a complaint seeking a review of how a $10,000 donation from a Mitt Romney PAC was missing from a National Organization for Marriage report.

Earlier this spring, the Human Rights Campaign reported that Romney donated to the anti-gay NOM through his PAC. The contribution was listed in a Schedule of Contributors form from 2008, which showed Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC gave $10,000 to the anti-gay cause.

HRC noted that Free and Strong America PAC filings with the Federal Election Commission for the period did not show a contribution to NOM, but a contribution was disclosed by an Alabama-based Free and Strong America.

The donation was not recorded on NOM’s filing with the California Secretary of State.

At the time, NOM was heavily involved in campaigning for the passage of Proposition 8 in California, an effort that also had substantial backing from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

HRC received the documents from what was described as a whistleblower early on March 30.

Karger has now filed a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

“Mitt Romney and NOM appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to hide his contribution,” Karger said in a statement. “I am sure that Romney’s $10K was never meant to never see the light of day.”

Karger’s complaint states:

“Exhibit 1 is a copy of the 2008 Federal Tax Return (Form 990) of the National Organization for Marriage. It shows a $10,000 contribution received from Governor Romney’s Alabama PAC “Free and Strong America.”  That $10,000 was not reported on NOM’s filing with the California Secretary of State.

“Exhibit 2 is page 3 of Governor Romney’s 2008 filing of his Alabama Free and Strong America PAC, as required by Alabama law.  It shows a $10,000 contribution to the National Organization for Marriage on October 14, 2008, less than three weeks before the 2008 election.

“NOM did not report that contribution on any of its filings with the California Secretary of State in 2008 or 2009. Contributions larger and smaller received by NOM earlier and later in October 2008 appear to all be reported, but the Romney PAC contribution was not.  There is also no record of NOM filing the mandatory 90-day election cycle report triggered by Governor Romney’s PAC contribution.

“Exhibit 3 is the link to NOM’s 2008 report with the California Secretary of State that shows that the National Organization for Marriage did not report the Romney PAC contribution.

“It appears that the National Organization for Marriage attempted to hide the Romney PAC contribution because of the significant attention that it would have received.”

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