Poll: Dems winning on enthusiasm


A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that Democrats have the advantage in the enthusiasm gap of 2012.

The latest PPP survey shows that 57 percent of Democrats are “very excited” about voting this fall compared to 46 percent of Republicans.

PPP has found Democrats more excited about voting than Republicans in every poll this year, but the new stats show the widest gap yet.

Democrats were up three points in mid-January, four points in late January, eight points in late February and 11 points in late March.

A year ago, Republicans were up three points on enthusiasm.

PPP reports, “The group most excited about voting is African-Americans, 70 percent of whom say they’re ‘very excited’ to cast their ballots this year. The two groups tied for the second-most enthusiasm with 58 percent saying they’re very excited to vote? Liberals and those under 30.

PPP concluded, “The Democratic base is fired up and ready to go.”

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