Baldwin wins against Republicans in polling


A new survey from Public Policy Polling finds a close match up between Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson, but Baldwin has the edge for the U.S. Senate seat.

Baldwin, in the latest PPP survey, leads Thompson 46 percent to 45 percent.

When PPP last polled Wisconsin in October 2011, Thompson was ahead 46 percent to 44 percent.

PPP found that Thompson’s favorability rating is 41 percent, with 42 percent of voters seeing him unfavorably. He’s popular with Republicans, but only 17 percent of Democrats see him positively.

As for Baldwin, PPP says 31 percent see her favorably and 31 percent have a negative opinion. The PPP release said, “She is extremely polarizing” with her favorability at 54 percent among Democrats and 3 percent among Republicans.

In a general election matchup, Baldwin would get 87 percent of the Democratic vote and Thompson would get 88 percent of the GOP vote.

Independents, the survey suggests, will be crucial to the vote – and Baldwin leads there.

Baldwin, in the PPP survey, also leads over other GOP names. She is favored against Mark Neumann 47-41 and against Jeff Fitzgerald 47-39.

“These numbers show that Wisconsin voters want a fighter in the U.S. Senate who will stand up for middle class and working families, and who isn’t afraid to take on the powerful special interests,” said Baldwin for Senate senior adviser Phil Walzak.

In a look at the GOP primary, Thompson is the favorite.