Anti-gay NOM makes plea for confidential money for Prop 8 fight

By Lisa Neff, Staff writer

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has issued a plea for “confidential” funding to take the fight over California’s Proposition 8 as high as the Supreme Court.

NOM, the bankroller of numerous anti-gay campaigns at state and federal levels, issued a statement to the “Dear marriage supporter” club on Valentine’s Day, saying the “next six hours are critical.”

NOM then reported raising $20,000 for the Prop 8 fight but wanted $100,000, pleading, “Don’t let the nation’s most liberal court have the final say.”

NOM, which already has pledged $250,000 to primary candidates who take on Republicans who voted for marriage equality in Washington, asked supporters to “please do what you can,” whether $10, $100 or $10,000.

The organization also pledged that any donations would be both tax-deductible and confidential.

Confidentiality has been key to the Christian right’s campaign against same-sex marriage.

Proponents of Proposition 8, which defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman in California and bans gay marriage, argued against televising the district court trial and then against releasing the trial tapes.

Prop 8 proponents also fought against the release of records revealing the names of donors to the 2008 ballot campaign, as did proponents of other anti-gay marriage measures in other states.

At each turn, marriage equality defenders have sought the release of those records, most recently in Minnesota and Maine.

The Human Rights Campaign, which operates NOMexposed, maintains, “There are serious questions about NOM’s financing, ethics, and truthfulness in its work to stop committed gay and lesbian couples from getting married and raising families.”

HRC and other organizations have raised concerns about NOM’s compliance with campaign finance laws and challenges NOM’s claim to be a grassroots organization. In 2010, two top donors provided 69 percent of NOM’s funding, according to NOMexposed.

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