Dog lovers to protest Romney at Westminster dog show


“Dogs are not luggage.” That’s the message of a Facebook page called “Dogs Against Romney.” Supporters of the group plan to stage a protest outside the Westminster dog show at Madison Square Garden today.

The canine lovers are incensed about a high-profile 1983 incident of animal abuse committed by the then-governor of Massachusetts. Romney strapped the family dog, Seamus, to the luggage rack on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour drive from Boston to Ontario. Meanwhile, Romney’s luggage traveled inside the vehicle.

The Irish setter was reportedly so traumatized by the incident that he soiled himself and the car.

“I was just mortified that somebody would put a live animal on top of their car and drive for 12 hours,” said Scott Crider, an Alabama social media specialist and lifelong dog owner who started Dogs Against Romney. His goal is to “ensure pet lovers are aware that Mitt Romney is mean to dogs.”

The story of Romney’s cruelty has dogged him for years. Fox News’ Chris Wallace took him to task for the incident in an interview, saying: “I have a yellow Lab named Winston. I would no sooner put him in a kennel on the roof of my car than I would one of my children.”

“This is a completely airtight kennel, mounted on the roof of our car,” Romney replied. “He climbed up there regularly, enjoyed himself. He was in a kennel at home a great deal of the time as well. We loved the dog. It was where he was comfortable.”

But a top Democrat told ABC News, “When Seamus crapped all over the car I’m fairly certain he wasn’t expressing pleasure.”