Gay group flash mobs JC Penney for Ellen while her online support grows


A group of gay men wearing pink and waving credit cards mobbed midtown Manhattan’s JC Penney store on Saturday to support the company’s decision to retain out comedian Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson.

The company has been under fire from right-wing extremists who formed a group called “One Million Moms” to protest the hiring of DeGeneres, whom they describe as an “open homosexual” whose image will alienate “traditional families.”

JC Penney has stood by DeGeneres. In Manhattan yesterday, store managers warmly welcomed the “flash mob,” according to the gay blog site Joe.My.God, which posted pictures from the event.

The action came as a new Facebook page called “1 million people who support Ellen for JC Penney,” which was begun only three days ago, surpassed the One Million Moms Facebook page in number of fans.

When “One Million Moms” launched its effort against her, DeGeneres joked on her television show, “Not that there’s anyone counting, but for a group that calls themselves the million moms, they only have 40,000 members on their page.”

Her comment sparked the launch of several pro-Ellen Facebook pages. The largest, “1 million people who support Ellen for JC Penney,” currently has nearly 160,000 “likes” and is growing rapidly. The anti-Ellen “One Million Moms” Facebook page appears to have peaked at about 43,000 followers.

In addition, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination has launched a Stand up for Ellen petition at The petition has more than 41,000 signers so far.