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Romney gives more to Mormon Church than he pays in taxes

Right-wing religious zealots and progressives share a common fear about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: that his loyalty to the Mormon Church outweighs his sense of duty to his country.

That concern was underscored by the recent revelation that Romney gives more money to his church than he pays in taxes. According to recently released tax returns, the Romneys have given more than $4 million to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints since 2010. During the same period, they paid only $3 to the IRS.

The Mormon Church is one of the nation’s leading anti-gay activist groups. The church gave an estimated $22 million to support California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 in 2008. The church also provided nearly 90 percent of the early door-to-door volunteers lobbying for the measure, which banned same-sex marriage in the state.

Last week Mormon Church leaders endorsed Minnesota’s impending anti-gay marriage amendment.

Romney has come under fire about taxes on the campaign trail because of the low rate he pays. With an income that tops $20 million per year, Romney pays less than 14 percent in taxes – less than the average American.

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