Anti-gay group preparing ballot campaign in Washington


The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage is readying to mount a referendum campaign to put marriage to a vote in Washington state.

On Jan. 23, a crucial vote was gained in the Washington Senate that makes it all but certain the legislature will pass a marriage equality bill this session. The governor has said she will sign such a bill.

NOM already has committed $250,000 to support primary candidates who challenge Republicans who vote for the bill. Now NOM has committed to a ballot drive. NOM was a leader in the anti-gay ballot drive in Maine, as well as a proponent of the anti-gay Proposition 8 in California.

“NOM will not stand by and let activist politicians redefine marriage, the bedrock of civilization, without voters having a say,” said NOM president Brian Brown.

Marriage equality bills also are expected to move forward in Maryland and New Jersey this year. And activists in Maine are preparing another fight for same-sex marriage.