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N.H. bishop urges lawmakers to repeal marriage equality

A New Hampshire bishop marked this week’s holy days with an endorsement of the attack on the Granite State’s marriage equality law.

Bishop Peter A. Libasci, in a letter posted on the Diocese of Manchester website this week, said he has been thinking about “a Holy child, a blessed mother and a most amazing husband” and “the primordial, biological, essential relationship of mother, father and child.”

Libasci said he was praying for stronger bonds of marriage and family and “encouraged that the New Hampshire General Court will have the opportunity in this coming year to vote to restore the traditional understanding of marriage, and I sincerely hope that the General Court will accomplish this important task.”

“May the year 2012 be a year in which we recapture the age-old knowledge of the place of marriage and the family as the foundations of society,” he continued.

State lawmakers are expected to vote in January on two bills that would repeal the marriage equality law.

Standing Up For NH Families, a bi-partisan, grassroots group comprised of residents and a leadership council of more than 200 civic, business, academic and political leaders, is challenging the effort to take back marriage rights for gays and lesbians.

In late December, the coalition bought airtime that featured Craig Stowell, a conservative, straight marine who supports marriage equality. Stowell is telling the state’s TV audience, “We know the people of New Hampshire support individual rights. And polls show voters strongly oppose repealing the current marriage law, across every demographic and geographic measure. This effort to repeal or undermine the freedom to marry does not represent our core New Hampshire values. We hope our ad reminds lawmakers that they need to listen to the people.”

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