Gays big users of social networks

A massive survey shows that social networks increasingly are an effective way to reach LGBT consumers.

The fifth annual LGBT Community Survey, conducted by Community Marketing Inc., involved a partnership with 150 organizations, websites and publications and the polling of 30,000 people.

Gay consumers, the survey shows, are leading the charge toward the intersection of social networking and brand interaction, using mobile apps such as Grindr.  Also, they increasingly are making use of mobile ad platforms, including QR codes and tags.

Nearly 70 percent of gay men own a smartphone – a percentage slighter higher than among lesbians. About 50 percent of gay smartphone owners have iPhones, which are used, according to the survey, mostly for texting, Web browsing and updating social networks such as Facebook.

The survey also shows:

  • Gay and lesbian consumers are 50 percent more likely than the general population to make a purchase with their smartphone, and 50 percent are more likely than the general population to receive notifications from Groupon, Living Social and other “deal” services on their devices.
  • 85 percent of older gay men and 88 percent of older lesbians are connecting with friends on Facebook.
  • 39 percent of gay men and 37 percent of lesbians are planning a major vacation in the next year.
  • 18 percent of gay men plan to purchase cars in the next year, and 16 percent plan to purchase tablet computers.
  • 48 percent of older gay men and 33 percent of younger gay men regularly read local LGBT publications.

– Lisa Neff