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Appling’s political bedmate

If there was any doubt that the corporate right and the anti-gay right are colluding, Wisconsin Family Action chief Julaine Appling erased it.

In a taped phone call with a concerned citizen, Appling acknowledged her group is part of a political coalition that includes Americans for Prosperity, one of the political front groups for billionaires Charles and David Koch. The caller had confronted Appling because a return address owned by her group was printed on fraudulent ballot applications that AFP sent to voters before the Aug. 9 recall elections. The ballots listed a return date after the election was over.

AFP blamed the inaccurate date on printer error. Democrats said it was part of a voter suppression scheme. Only an idiot would believe AFP’s explanation.

AFP promotes public policies that favor the interests of the uber-wealthy over the middle class and the poor. WFA promotes “traditional” marriage by denying marriage equality to gays and lesbians. The only apparent commonality is a desire to further oppress the underdog.

AFP contends that giving more wealth and power to those at the top of the financial ladder will benefit those on the lower rungs. But 30 years of tax cuts and widening loopholes have allowed the rich to get richer, while the poor have grown poorer and the middle class has worked longer and harder than ever.  Today the United States has historically low tax rates on the wealthy, record corporate profits and loopholes that allowed 1,400 people earning more than $1 million last year to pay no taxes. So, if AFP’s premise were true, the economy would be swimming in jobs.

AFP persuades lower-income earners to endorse its policies of preferential treatment for the rich by scapegoating others. They say it’s black people on welfare, Hispanics taking white people’s jobs and teachers earning pensions who are responsible for the deficit and the nation’s economic decline.

WFA is built on similar lies and scapegoating.  Appling and her crowd preach that allowing same-sex couples to marry will denigrate marriage for heterosexuals and lead to a further decline in American family life. But divorce rates began to soar and marriage began to crumble long before same-sex marriage entered the picture. In fact, the dissolution of marriage has coincided with increasing financial hardships on families.

In places where same-sex marriage has entered the picture, it has had no effect on marriage. Massachusetts, the first state to legalize marriage equality, has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.

But lying comes easily to Appling, who is the embodiment of hypocrisy. She preaches “traditional” marriage but has never been married. She demonizes same-sex relationships while living with a female life partner with whom she owns a home.

Appling seems to believe she was following the teachings of Jesus in colluding with billionaires to commit voter fraud in order to help maintain an anti-equality majority in the state Senate. But we suspect that’s not what Jesus would have done.

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