Man arrested for exposure in Walmart parking lot says store turns him on

A Louisiana man finds Walmart’s low prices arousing. Very arousing.

Travis Keen of Monroe, La., was cruising through his local Walmart’s parking lot in his Ford Taurus when a witness noticed that the 28-year-old man had taken “it” out. He explained to police that he “gets aroused” by Walmart stores, according to a Ouachita Parish police report. The report states:

“I asked Keen what he was doing in the parking lot. Keen stated he was trying to see if he fixed his power steering in his car. I advised Keen about what I was told by the witness. Keen then stated he did have his penis out because of past experiences he had at Wal-Mart. Keen stated when he comes to WalMart he gets aroused.”

Keen, who has no prior criminal history, was booked on obscenity charges. He’s being held on $5,000 bail.