Man who led police to Jeffrey Dahmer is charged in killing

The man who led Milwaukee police to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer 20 years ago made his first court appearance in a homeless man’s death.

Tracy Edwards is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of Johnny Jordan, a homeless man. The victim drowned after allegedly being thrown off a bridge into the Milwaukee River following an argument with Edwards and co-defendant Timothy Carr.

Edwards’ attorney asked the court commissioner to allow Edwards to participate by phone Saturday. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the request was denied, and the commissioner set bail at $10,000 and scheduled an Aug. 8 preliminary hearing.

Edwards, now 52, is known for his July 1991 escape from Dahmer’s apartment, which led to the serial killer’s arrest.

On July 22, 1991, Edwards was wearing a handcuff when he waved down a Milwaukee police car and led two officers to the Oxford Apartments, 924 N. 25th St.

Tracy Edwards said a “weird dude” in Apt. 213 had drugged him and tried to force him with a butcher knife into a bedroom where pictures of mangled bodies were on the wall and a pungent stench seeped from a large blue barrel.

Edwards said he had punched the man in the face, kicked him in the stomach and escaped into the street.

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