Jesus appears on South Carolina couple’s Walmart receipt

A South Carolina couple says an image that appeared on their Walmart receipt is the face of Jesus.

Jacob Simmons and his fiancee, Gentry Lee Sutherland, bought pictures from Walmart on June 12. Three days later, the couple was returning home from church when Simmons noticed the receipt on the floor of Sutherland’s apartment. It was stained with a gray mark that seemed to depict two eyes, a nose and a mouth on a bearded face.

“Then the more you look at it, the more it looked like Jesus, and it was just shocking, breathtaking,” Simmons told WYFF-TV in Greenville.

The timing of the image’s appearance also floored the couple. They said the pastor conducting the service they’d just attended asked worshippers, “If you know God, would you recognize him if you saw him?”

The couple, who described themselves as devout, said they’d done nothing to make the face appear on the receipt.

“We just feel like it’s a blessing that God showed it to us and opened our eyes. And we just feel like we should share the blessing God gave to us to everybody else,” Sutherland said.