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World's first gay naked therapist accepting clients

A Los Angeles-based man claiming to be “the world’s first gay male naked therapist-in-training” is now accepting clients – both in person and via webcam.

Randy Hastings says in a world where Internet porn is ubiquitous, he hopes to help clients learn self-control in order to avoid “arousal frenzy.”  

According to a press release, naked therapy “integrates client arousal into the therapeutic context in order to facilitate deeper insights and discussions.”

Hastings, who is part of, will facilitate his clients’ arousal in a number of ways, “though it usually involves the therapist getting naked,” according to the press release.

Hastings’ training includes a reading syllabus of core psychotherapeutic texts, response papers (done as blog posts), weekly update reports, consultations with White and session transcript reviews. After a year, he’ll join White’s practice as a fully licensed naked therapist.

“I am very interested in psychology, and have been in therapy at a couple of different junctures in my own life,” Hastings says. “I always found therapy productive and insightful because I was willing to bare it all. Now, as a therapist, I hope to do the same thing in order to encourage my clients to feel more comfortable with themselves.”

“For many people, the idea of getting naked is embarrassing. It’s fine if the lights are off, or if you are the only one in the room. But if there’s somebody else around, many people feel afraid and/or extremely uncomfortable. But to me nudity is a natural human condition. I believe that many of us just need to adjust our thinking about it.”

One of the core principles of naked therapy, according to the press release, is based on the assertion that in our sex-saturated Internet world, traditional therapy methods are irrelevant.

“With so many sexual opportunities, people more and more need to learn to integrate their rational selves with their aroused selves so they don’t engage in self-destructive and uncontrollable acts of ‘arousal frenzy,’” Hastings says.

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