Soldiers brutally beaten in apparent anti-gay hate crime

Two soldiers were ambushed and badly beaten outside of a Colorado Springs restaurant early July 2 in an apparent anti-gay attack.

One of the victims, who is stationed at Fort Carson, told News First 5 that he and another soldier were at a fast-food restaurant with a friend when a group of men and women took issue with their clothing. The soldier used only the name “Chris” to protect his identity.

“We walked in and immediately one black male started making remarks like, ‘faggot,’” Chris said. The soldiers decided to leave and headed for the parking lot.

“I turn around and my friend was getting stomped by six black males,” the victim said. “Another female friend of mine was trying to fight off three or four men.”

Chris’ friend’s jaw was shattered and had to be wired shut.

The Advocate reported that the victims are keeping their identities secret because the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is still in effect.

“I don’t need people higher up knowing,” a victim identified as Ted said. “I still have to protect myself as far as on the military side.”

Several media reports have said local law-enforcement is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, because the assailants used racist and anti-gay slurs.