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Tea Party leader calls bullying ‘healthy peer pressure’

According to Rich Swier, an activist with the Tea Party Nation, anti-gay bullying is healthy peer pressure.

That’s how Swier interpreted a report from a Florida group showing that “77 percent of all bullying victims are picked on due to sexual orientation, gender identity, or the perception of either.”

The report also found that “LGBT youth are up to five times more likely to commit suicide than their straight counterparts.”

According to Swier, the report shows that homosexuality is bad behavior that youth are right to pressure their peers not to engage in. He cites the fact that over 70 percent of all HIV/AIDS cases in Sarasota County are due to same-sex behavior among males.

“Homosexuality, like drugs, harms young people if they experement (sic) with it. That is the greatest tragedy,” Swier says.

He calls anti-bullying campaigns a sham by “radical gay activists.” He says that they’re part of the “gay agenda” and its goal to indoctrinate school children into the so-called “homosexual lifestyle.”

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