Michele Bachmann mistakenly compares herself to serial killer

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann made an unsettling error in an interview today as she kicked off her campaign in Waterloo, Iowa. The Tea Party leader compared herself to Waterloo native John Wayne, telling the interviewer, “That’s the kind of spirit I have too.”

The problem is that Waterloo was the birthplace of serial killer John Wayne Gacy – not actor John Wayne. Gacy sexually tortured and mutilated 33 young men and teenage boys in the late 1970s. Actor John Wayne was born nearly three hours away in Winterset.

Bachmann, a fundamentalist Christian who has made anti-gay positions the cornerstone of her political career, said she chose Waterloo to announce her candidacy because she grew up there. Despite her unusual views and gaffe-prone personality, Bachmann is a great favorite with Iowa Republicans. Her fiery anti-gay rhetoric and staunch opposition to reproductive choice are expected to make her an easy winner of the state’s Republican primary caucuses next year.

The latest poll in Iowa showed her only one point behind frontrunner Mitt Romney in the state even before she formally announced that she was running for the nomination.