Weiner offered role on HBO’s ‘Entourage’

Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has been offered a guest-starring role on the HBO series “Entourage,” reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The offer came before Weiner resigned his congressional seat yesterday under pressure from Democratic Party leaders due to a sexting scandal.

“Entourage” executive producer Doug Ellin told the Reporter that Weiner would play himself on the popular series’ eighth and final season this summer. Ellin said so far he’s heard nothing from Weiner.

In addition to the offer from Ellin, Weiner has also received a proposal from Larry Flynt to join Hustler’s Internet group.

The press conference at which Weiner announced his resignation yesterday became something of a show in itself  – a freak show, according to people who were present. Weiner was heckled throughout his announcement by Howard Stern show writer Benjy Bronk, who yelled “pervert” and mocked Weiner with such inappropriate questions as, “Were you fully erect?”

A number of people at the press conference tweeted their dismay at the carnivorous reaction to Weiner’s woes.  Ben Smith of Politico tweeted, “Radio shouter successfully upstaged Weiner, which probably built more sympathy for him in room than anything he could have said.”

For his part, Weiner has ceased tweeting since the controversy over his sexually charged tweets and e-mailing of lewd photographs began, according to the Hollywood Reporter.