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Yelle plays the Majestic, 115 King in Madison, at 9 p.m. on May 8.

Music reviews


The straight (or non-gay) domination of the dance field (or floor) continues with a bunch of new releases, including “Safari Disco Club” (V2/Downtown) by Yelle. Picking up the beats where they left off with “Pop-Up,” Yelle (both the French trio and the lead vocalist) encourages you to don your gear (pith helmets and such) and head for the club, where you won’t have any trouble hunting and capturing reasons for dancing to such songs as “Comme Un Enfant,” “Que Veux-Tu,” “J’ai Bu,” “Chimie Physique,” the vintage disco of “Le Grand Saut” and the title cut, all sung en Francais.

Cut Copy

As exhilarating as the urban waterfall depicted on the cover of Cut Copy’s new studio disc “Zonoscope” (Modular), the album opener “Need You Now” gets things off to a spectacular start. You can almost feel the spray (or is that your dance partner’s sweat?). The thrills don’t end there. “Take Me Over,” which sounds like it fell out of 1982, slows things down a tad, but is no less worthy of shaking your booty to. Other dance delights include “Pharoahs & Pyramids,” “Blink and You’ll Miss A Revolution,” “Alisa” and “Corner of The Sky.”

Cold Cave

Alternating between the audio slam of “Burning Sage” and the updated new-wave undertow of “Pacing Around the Church,“ “Cold Wave’s “Cherish The Light Years” (Matador) is a hot commodity. “Confetti,” with its New Order influence, is cause for celebration, while the horns on “Alchemy and You” conjure a kind of nostalgia. If the aptly named “Icons of Summer” doesn’t become a tea dance sensation, then shame on the DJs.

Jessica 6

Led by Nomi Ruiz (of Hercules and Love Affair fame), the trio Jessica 6 wastes no time in getting listeners’ asses in gear on “See The Light” (Peacefrog). “White Horse” is a magnificent piece of dance music and Ruiz’s distinctive vocal skills make it that much more special. “Prisoner of Love,” featuring guest vocalist Antony, has a lock on hipness and hip-shaking. “In The Heat” is a steamy blast from the past, while “Fun Girl” and “U Motion” certainly live up to their names. The dramatic ballad “Not Anymore” gives Ruiz a chance to show off another side of herself.

Young Galaxy

Canadian group Young Galaxy, featuring the husky Annie Lennox-esque vocals of Catherine McCandless, finds its dance groove on “Shapeshifting” (Paper Bag). “Blown Minded” is the exactly right title for a song that’s capable of messing with your head and your feet. The strutting and relaxed “Peripheral Visionaries,” the funky and folky “Phantoms” and the handclap inspiring “B.S.E.” are also standout cuts.

Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! scares up plenty of opportunities to dance on this self-titled DFA full-length debut disc. Blissed out “Wait and See” won’t keep dancers waiting long to move to it. The same goes for “Hold My Breath,” “Jam For Jerry,” “Hold On,” “It’s Not Over,” the retro “Some Children” and the anything but slow “Slow Motion,” all of which will have dancers testifying to the power of dance music.

Cut Copy

Cold Cave

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