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Former employee says Trump harassed gay, female workers

A gay man who once worked in a restaurant owned by Donald Trump told PoliticusUSA that the controversial real estate mogul continually harassed his gay and female workers.

Baritone Julian Long says Trump was a fixture at Trumpets Restaurant while Long worked there during his student days. He says Trump subjected female employees to frequent sexual harassment, forcing them to endure lewd and lascivious remarks. He demeaned and humiliated his gay employees and referred to them collectively as “the faggots.”

Long says that one evening, after a performance at the restaurant conducted by composer Leonard Bernstein, Trump referred to Bernstein as a “faggot Jew.”

Since announcing that he was exploring a run for the presidency, Trump has come out against same-sex marriage and made headlines for reviving the so-called “birther” issue.

Controversial behavior is nothing new for Trump – in fact, it’s made him a household name and a tabloid perennial. One of Trump’s most infamous public meltdowns was a misogynistic rampage against out comedian Rosie O’Donnell after she mocked his comb-over hairstyle and inflated ego.

“I’ll most likely sue (O’Donnell) for making … false statements – and it’ll be fun,” Trump told People magazine. “Rosie’s a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie.”

More recently, New York Times writer Gail Collins revealed how Trump responded to a satiric mention she made of him in a column: “I referred to him in print as a ‘financially embattled thousandaire’ and he sent me a copy of the column with my picture circled and ‘The Face of a Dog!’ written over it,” Collins remembered.

According to polls, Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.


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